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Does Your 5-Year Recertification Cycle End This May?

Friday, February 12, 2016  
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Earn up to 13 CPE units by attending the full 2-day WAND Annual Conference; earn 6 additional credits for the Nutrition Focused Physical Exam Pre-Conference (including 2 hours for pre-work) and/or 4 credits for the Farm-to-Fork Tour.

Already fulfilled your 5-year CPEU requirement?  Take advantage of CDR’s CPEU Rollover.  RDs who complete and submit their Step 4: Activity Log for the current 5-year cycle by March 17, 2016 are allowed to “rollover” up to 15 excess CPEUs (up to 10 CPEUs for DTRs) earned in the last 75 days of their current recertification cycle to the next cycle.  See below for more details.