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Research Grant Opportunities

Wednesday, June 6, 2018  
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The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation is thrilled to announce that our 2018 Research Grant applications are now open.  There are nine available grants this year, ranging from obesity to foodservice and nutrition support to diabetes MNT. With unique criteria ranging across each grant, there are tremendous opportunities for both students and seasoned professionals.  In 2017, the Foundation awarded over $86,000 in research grant funding to individual recipients.

Please note that the deadline to apply is July 1, 2018! Below you will find a complete list of available grants.  To view all of the open applications and instructions on how to apply, visit the grants page on the Foundation's website or click on the individual grant links below.

Allene Vaden Memorial Grant for Foodservice Management Research ($5,000): This grant is given to encourage young academics to enhance research in foodservice management. 

Amy Joye Memorial Research Award ($5,000): This grant is given to honor the memory of Amy Joye by fostering the scientific development of future nutrition leaders, especially in South Carolina and Georgia. Applicants are required to work with a mentor whose projects involve human research and focus on one of the following areas: Obesity prevention//weight control, dietary assessment methodology to investigate/enhance accuracy of dietary reports, or fruit/vegetable gardens. 

Ann A. Hertzler Memorial Research Grant ($15,000): The year's research proposals should address the nutrition care for treatment of adults with heart failure. The seed grant is intended to gather preliminary data to enable further funding. Projects should focus on implementation of the Evidence-Based Heart Failure Nutrition Practice Guidelines. 

Colgate Palmolive Fellowship in Nutrition, Oral Health/Dental Education ($15,000):This grant is given to support research in nutrition and oral health or dental education by doctoral students seeking a doctorate in nutrition and oral health or dental education, Master’s thesis research on nutrition and oral health/disease, or RDN's with advanced degrees doing research in the area of nutrition and oral health.  Non-US residents may apply.

Diabetes Care and Education (DCE) DPG Karen Goldstein Memorial Grant for Diabetes MNT Application ($20,000): This grant is given to provide financial support to a Diabetes Care and Education DPG member for outcomes research in diabetes medical nutrition therapy.

Dietitians in Nutrition Support DPG Research Grant (up to $10,000): This grant is given to provide research funding to a Dietitians in Nutrition Support DPG member who is interested in pursuing clinical or laboratory research involving human subjects or laboratory research or other research in nutrition support. 

Jean Hankin Nutritional Epidemiology Research Grant ($20,000): This grant is given to provide financial support to a doctoral student working on a dissertation in the area of nutritional epidemiology. 

Julie O'Sullivan Maillet Research Grant ($1,000): This grant is given for a research project that aims to demonstrate the value of dietetics professionals on the health of the public or demonstrate the evolving role of dietetics professionals in the profession.

McCormick Science Institute Research Award ($5,000): This grant supports scientific endeavors including in vitro experiments, epidemiologic studies, spice and herb intake data collection, systematic reviews and/or evidence-based analysis.  This year's recommended focus is "Understanding the role of spices and health." This could include the role of spices in modulating oxidative stress or inflammation: the role of spices in affecting dietary quality and intake in a variety of disease states; and/or various dietary assessment methodologies to capture quantities and types of spice consumption. 

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