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Fall House of Delegate Report - Written by Valerie Shurley

Thursday, November 7, 2019  
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Last spring, we asked constituents to rank strategic issues by priority. Wisconsin voted and agreed with most Academy members, we needed to talk about: Technology in Nutrition and Dietetics Practice. This became our first topic for the Fall HOD meeting. Areas of focus included big data, nutrition informatics and artificial intelligence (AI). After listening to several subject matter experts, we worked amongst our groups to advocate how technology and big data can be utilized to advance our profession! Small groups are now being identified to continue to carry this work forward.

On Saturday, we worked in our same table groups with the Academy’s stance on ‘Total Diet Approach’. After listening to subject matter experts and voting, it was quickly agreed that the terminology and stance needed to be updated. Each table came up with a new name and re-wrote the stance. The House Leadership Team is working to combine our statements and we will eventually vote on the new language.

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Our next meeting with take place in January and should be on the topic of Evidenced Based Practice. I believe this is becoming a challenge for many of us as our patients and clients have access to information that has not yet been proven safe or effective.