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Farm Bill

Tuesday, June 18, 2013  
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Farm Bill Update

Judy Stadler attended Representative Mark Pocan's Farmers Market Breakfast on June 22nd. Representative Pocan spoke about his experience taking the Food Stamp Challenge and how he has gained an appreciation for families depending on the program to make ends meet. Rep Pocan did not vote for the bill saying that he could not in good conscience vote for a bill that was so devastating to low income citizens. He said that the SNAP program benefits 800,000 Wisconsin children, among them 50% of the children in the Madison Metro School District.

Process Outline

Senate will pass Senate Farm bill(Action Alert #1 - Senate)

House will debate and pass House Farm bill(Action Alert #2 – House)

Conference Committee will convene to merge and resolve differences in the two bills.
Conference Committee will creating a new "Conference Committee Farm bill”

Conference committee final Farm bill returns to both Senate and House for passage
Senate and House will pass Final Farm Bill
Final Farm Bill is sent to the White House for President’s signature