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Summer Public Policy Initiatives

Tuesday, June 17, 2014   (0 Comments)
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Academy members who attended WAND’s Legislative Advocacy Day event in March experienced firsthand the power of effective advocacy. But one day out of the year is not enough to build relationships with legislators and educate them on issues important to WAND. 

WAND’s Public Policy and Advocacy Committee will spearhead a number of advocacy initiatives this summer to increase the Academy’s influence in the halls of the State Capitol. 

To kick things off, WAND is rolling out its much-anticipated Bring Your Legislator to Work campaign. 

Lawmakers generally have an interest in nutrition issues and recognize the WAND brand, but many of them simply don’t understand what our members do on a daily basis. That means you have to teach them – and the best way to do that is to show them. 

By inviting your legislators to your work site, you can personally show them how good nutrition improves the health and well-being of Wisconsin citizens and illustrate the significance of RD’s and DTRs in the state’s health care system. More importantly, by interacting with your legislators, you can build a strong working relationship with leading policymakers that will help WAND make a difference in the legislative arena. 

If you’re interested in participating in the Bring Your Legislator to Work campaign, simply fill out and submit the attached form – and the WAND Government Affairs Team will take care of the rest. The Academy will take your information, identify your legislators, and coordinate an on-site meeting. All you will need to do is play host on the day of the meeting, which will take no more than an hour. The meeting should include a tour of your worksite, an overview of your responsibilities and a briefing on WAND legislative issues. 

Interaction with influential policy makers is a great way to promote the RD and DTR professions, and the only way to ensure effective nutrition policies are implemented by the State Legislature. Please help the Academy achieve its legislative goals by participating in WAND’s exciting Bring Your Legislator to Work campaign.