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House of Delegates - September Update

Monday, September 19, 2016  
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The House of Delegates will be meeting October 14-15. The mega issue this year is: How can we as Academy members capitalize on our strengths to create a future where credentialed food and nutrition practitioners play an integral role in wellness and prevention?

Delegates often state that it is difficult to get input from members on the HOD mega issues; therefore, the HOD Leadership Team introduced a new idea in the HOD. Delegates are identifying a group of diverse “key informants” including a dietetic intern, under 30 member, one male, and NDTR if possible, to help inform the delegate on key professional issues, including mega issues. The key informants can be called upon for feedback and to feel the pulse of the membership.  If you are interested in becoming a key informant, please contact Laura Isaacson at

During the HOD meeting, the following questions will be considered:

1. When you think of working in wellness, what does this mean to you?

2. Think about those members currently working in wellness. What do those roles look like? What strengths or skills are called upon or are necessary in those roles?

Please provide your feedback on these questions to Laura, which will be shared with the House of Delegates.  Laura’s email is