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WHA Initiative Features Wellness Programs

Monday, September 19, 2016  
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Healthy hospitals and health systems are a cornerstone of a healthy community. As one of the largest industries in many communities, hospitals can affect the health behaviors of thousands of people, in addition to providing health care to patients. Hospitals can also be leaders in establishing a sustained commitment to creating a community where good health is a priority. Across Wisconsin, hospitals and health systems are partnering with businesses and industries to create, manage or assist with efforts to build employer or community-based wellness programs.

As employers compete to attract and retain talent in their workforce, wellness programs are a key recruitment tool, and literally thousands of Wisconsin employers are working with their local health system to improve the health of their employees and families.  It’s an important story, and one that WHA is going to tell!

One great example of an employer/health care partnership has been in place for a decade in the small community of Viroqua (population 4,362), home to Vernon Memorial Healthcare and Organic Valley, an independent cooperative of organic farmers. While the towns are small, the partnership they have created has brought big benefits to both organizations. Each is committed to the other’s success and they understand the importance of working together to improve the health of local residents.  It’s a fine example of the many partnerships taking place across Wisconsin and why it is featured in WHA’s latest collaboration with WisconsinEye.

WHA, in partnership with WisconsinEye, is pleased to present, “A Partnership of Wellness” (view the video at: This the latest in our video series dedicated to building awareness of Wisconsin’s high-quality, high-value health care, and the positive impact that improving the health of the community has on economic development in our state.

WHA is interested in collecting and sharing employer partnerships as we work to tell the Wisconsin story. If you have an example of a health system/employer wellness partnership, contact Mary Kay at or call 608-274-1820. We welcome your contributions.