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Legislative Action Alert!!

Thursday, September 21, 2017  
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Please Contact Your Legislators and Tell Them to OPPOSE Assembly Bill 369/Senate Bill 288 and Assembly Bill 370/Senate Bill 296


Recently, Assembly Bill 369/Senate Bill 288 and Assembly Bill 370/Senate Bill 296 were introduced and a public hearing was held. There is opposition building against these bills because they will significantly change certification requirements for occupational licensing and have negative impacts on the nutrition and dietetics profession.


Assembly Bill 369 and Senate Bill 288 were introduced to create an Occupational License Review Council within the Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) to modify or eliminate occupational licenses. While we recognize the intent to review current certification and credentialing practices through this legislation, the potential to make unintended and negative changes to certification for the dietetics profession gives us reason for pause.


Assembly Bill 370/Senate Bill 296 were introduced to establish a self-certification registry operated by DSPS that specifically targets certain professions, including RDNs. The professions that are mentioned in the bill are currently required to obtain certification and licensure from the state. It is very concerning this legislation proposes eliminating certification of RDNs because of the work we do to help patients with diverse needs in many kinds of settings. These patients range from every day people to individuals suffering from common health issues to the elderly and medically vulnerable who require complex and unique dietary attention and care.


Here’s where YOU come in – we need you to contact your State Representative and State Senator and tell them to OPPOSE Assembly Bill 369/Senate Bill 288 and Assembly Bill 370/Senate Bill 296. These bills will impact our profession, and ultimately, the public health, safety and well-being of the patients we serve.


To find out who your legislators are, please click here and type in your address in the upper right-hand corner. Click here for a sample letter that you can use, but please feel free to abbreviate or make changes and share personal examples to strengthen your message. Our government affairs team at Hoven Consulting is here to help! If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact Dan Carpenter via email at or by phone at 608-310-8832.