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WAND's Licensure Initiative - In Pursuit of Licensure

Why License? - Additional Facts

  • In September 2006, the WDA/WAND Board of Directors voted to pursue licensure of dietitians in Wisconsin. 

  • While certification defines and protects the title of "dietitian” in Wisconsin’s statutes, it cannot protect the public from unqualified persons practicing dietetics.  By including scope of practice protection, licensure of dietitians will help to ensure that unqualified quasi-professionals are not posing as providers of medical nutrition therapy.

  • Licensure gives our Dietitians Affiliated Credentialing Board the authority to restrict the practice of non-licensed professionals practicing within our scope.

  • Licensure will likely improve accessibility of medical nutrition therapy. Many insurance companies require licensure to reimburse healthcare professionals.

  • Licensure also elevates our profession to one more highly recognized by the state and health community as a professional career.