Political Action Committee
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The future of nutrition care and the RDN profession in Wisconsin is greatly impacted by state lawmakers and other elected officials. WAND PAC is a unique political giving program that provides WAND members with a convenient way to make political contributions to help elect state candidates who support effective nutrition policies and understand the important role RDNs play in Wisconsin’s health care system.

WAND PAC Mission:

WAND maintains a Political Action Committee (PAC) program in Wisconsin to strengthen the organization’s relationships with elected officials and to provide members with an opportunity to engage in the political process.

PAC Administration:

WANDPAC collects voluntary contributions from members into a single account and distributes those contributions– under the direction of a governing board – to candidates for elective state office. Outside of administrative costs, the PAC program is funded entirely through member contributions.

PAC Benefits:

  • Provides WAND with a vehicle to support elected state officials and candidates who recognize and support the organization’s policy priorities.

  • Provides WAND members with a convenient and effective way to participate in the political process.

  • Raises the profile of WAND in the State Capitol and with Wisconsin elected officials.

  • Provides WAND with additional opportunities to educate lawmakers about critical nutrition-related legislation

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Sarah Agena*
Joan Balm*
Julie Beich*
Nicole Berschback*
Sarah Breitick*
Lori Deering*
Cindy Dexter*
Amy Dose*
Jane Dunn*
Jackie Ebert*
Melissa Eierman*
Susan Farrell*
Karen Fochs*
Jamie Freier*
Linda Funk*
Mairh Garza*
Kathryn Gengozian*
Abigail Gerbers*
Amanda Giffin*
Michael Glasgow*
Sara Gleason*
Kathleen Golos*
Christine Greene*
Yvonne Greer*
Cathryn Gruber*
Julie Haase
Lori Hartz*
Samatha Inman*
Laura Isaacson*
Heather Jerzak*
Sue Kamien*
Amber Kasten*
Pat Kempen*
Heather Kennedy*
Andreanna Kinnart*
Cheryl Kleve*
Danielle Knutilla
Karen Krchma*
Donna Krippner*
Colleen Kristbaum*
Meg Kruger*
Karen Lacey*
Laurie LaCoursiere*
Faith Laning*
Tara LaRowe*
Christina Lemon*
Adrian LeQue*
Jacqueline Lichty*
Elena Marincic*
Tamara Marini*
Judy Martin*
Paula McIntyre*
Cecile McManus*
Tami Miller*
Janet Mittelstadt*
Andrea Moosreiner*
Catherin Mussatti*
Laurie Norstedt*
Kayla Olmstead*
Mercade Pazdra
Lisa Rauls*
Katie Reyster*
Dianne Richardson*
Lauri Rometti*
Mary Sadler*
Carmen Schroeder*
Nancy Schumitsch
Valerie Shurley*
Mary Smith*
Melanie Stanel*
Jayne Steinmetz*
Cindy Stenairct*
Mary Sullivan*
Alice Thomson*
Deborah Tang*
Cassandra Vanderwall*
Ginny Vorwald*
Nicole Weeks*
Rebecca Welter*
Bridgett Wilder*
Colette Wyttenbach*

*Indicates a donation was made during the 2017-2018 fiscal year.