Volunteer Opportunities
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WAND Student and Intern Involvement


Ways to Get Involved

Advocacy & Public Policy*

● Hypothetical harm scenarios: Identify practitioners and scenarios that pose hypothetical harm to patients and clients due to the use of unproven nutritional strategies. Contribute these stories using WAND reporting toolsHypothetical Harm Tool

● Success Stories: Interview RDNs, NDTRs, and/or patients regarding how a nutrition professional has impacted their life. Contribute these stories using WAND reporting toolSuccess Story Tool

● Legislative Visit: Work with the Public Policy and Advocacy Committee (PPAC) to arrange a meeting with your local legislator to convey the Academy’s and WAND’s present initiative and “ask.”

● Follow Your Legislators: Find and follow your local legislators on your social media avenues.

● Action Alert Advocate: Be an advocate for legislative action alerts at the local (statewide) and federal levels.

● Attend Advocacy Day: Make it a priority to attend WAND’s annual day at the Capitol event to advance initiatives at the local level. Contact the committee to assist in planning of this important day.

● Attend the Academy’s Public Policy Workshop (PPW): Consider attending the Academy’s PPW to meet with Federal legislators in Washington, D.C.

Marketing & Communications*

● Social Media Contributor: Contribute to WAND’s social media accounts including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

● Coordination of Twitter Chat: Plan, market and conduct a Twitter chat for nutrition professionals in Wisconsin.


● Student Retainment Initiative: Craft an initiative to support member retainment for students in WAND focused on how WAND can continue to support students as they transition to the RDN and NDTR role as professionals.

Awards & Scholarships


● Nomination & Recruitment: Support the Awards Committee by marketing WAND’s annual awards and scholarships for students and nominating educators for professional recognition. Promote roles for students on WAND committees to build leadership experience.

Professional Education*

● Dietetic Education and Professional Pathways: Collect and contribute resources that support navigation of dietetic education from the undergraduate level to internship and graduate education. Seek out resources that support specialty practice, which may include documents and resources from CDR or information from Specialists in the nutrition industry.

● Annual Conference: Volunteer to support activities at the WAND Annual Conference. Start early by joining the annual conference committee.


● Secure Sponsors: Work with the Professional Education Committee and Sponsorship Chair to secure sponsors for WAND Annual Conference using approved communication materials and strategies.


● Plan a Regional Event: Work with Regional Representative and/or Representative-elect to plan a continuing education or social event at the regional level.

Board of Directors**

Non-voting Member of the WAND BOD: Participate in monthly Board meetings and be in contact with student groups across the state to provide the BOD with a student perspective.

 *Committee maintains a Student Representative position and role.
**Applications for BOD Student Representative must include a faculty letter of recommendation and be submitted by September 30th.

Thank you for your interest! Please email eatrightwisc@gmail.com if you have any questions.